How I like to see Him …


This is what I think Jesus is like, He who told his disciples to allow the children to come to Him … I actually think they probably jumped all over Him and there was much laughter and fun. Here was God Himself who loved them more than anyone else ever could, and it’s no wonder they wanted to run to Him. And this is how Jesus IS .. still … continually.

Recently as I have experienced a real renewal in my faith, I have found myself wanting to picture Jesus more. I know there is no definitive image of Him, but there are many depictions/artist’s impressions that are a real aid to worship and to my faith personally. I think the above representation is probably quite accurate for a young Jewish man in the Middle East of His day. I like that fact that it shows Him as so much a man and so at one with the children. Of course there are more seriously reflective images as in a cross or crucifix in church, which encapsulate all He has done for us as well as who He is. But the above picture  conveys  for me a strong sense of intimacy and authenticity in my relationship with Him.

I have a lovely postcard by Margaret Tarrant called Lesser Brethren shown here:  

Lesser Brethren

I see Jesus as looking rather more holy, clothed all in white and so representing to me, His divinity. It’s lovely to see how the animals and birds He created respond to Him, as I’m sure they will do again one day, within a new heaven and a new earth (Revelation 21:1). I recently purchased another Margaret Tarrant card of Jesus as the Good Shepherd:


This one depicts His protection and care of His people and reminds me of where my true safety and security lie. My devotional notes this morning spoke about Jesus being the cornerstone (Ephesians 2: 19, 20). In architecture, this stone keeps all the others, in fact the whole building standing, just as Jesus keeps us His church strong and upright. As Shepherd He is also that source of strength for us and also our guidance as He leads us.

Finally I have a little card in my Bible with helpful verses on the back relating to varied life situations, but on the front is this drawing:

Jesus - how I like to see Him

It’s quite old as a friend gave it to me at Uni, I remember rather embarrassingly, that I asked if I could have it! Having recently come to faith at that time, something  attracted  me to the image of Christ on the front, someone strong and who is gazing upward, intent on doing what His Father would have Him do, yet someone whose safe hand I could imagine grabbing when I was afraid.  This little card remained in an old Bible until a few weeks ago when I decided to put it in the one I’m currently using.  

We have a God we can truly know in Christ and I have come to value these visual images of Him and it’s a joy being able to share them.





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