Beyond the Mirage


I wrote the following poem on a recent Quiet Day at Love’s Close , Burghfield Common.

“Dancing in front of my eyes the bright, garish lights of Christmas, some tranquil, others flashing on and off …

Copious parcels tightly wrapped, embellished with glitter and bows, tables groaning with tempting food, rich and extravagant …

Perfect looking people with perfect manners and perfect emotions, smiling and laughing …

Is this why He came?

Rather this Advent, this Christ coming, is because for many the lights are broken and they know only darkness,

They receive nothing richly wrapped, food is scarce or simply plain.

Families are fractured, fragmented, relationships lacking or soured,

He came for this

Dear Lord, take me beyond the mirage of Christmas to the brightest light of Your presence, the richness of dwelling in You, take my hand Lord, lead me on in hope.”


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