The ‘In’ Crowd

funny people

There is an unremarkable sixties song which begins: “I’m in with the In crowd …” Now while the song itself is quite forgettable, the premise it puts forward is an interesting one, namely that  in life there will be groups and factions to which people will belong, however there is usually an ‘In Crowd’ and it is this that most of us will gravitate towards. 

You only know the In Crowd exists, when you find you are not part of it. It appears in schools, work places, Universities and yes Churches, most definitely! The latter saddens me but it seems a given, certainly in the Western church. As is the nature of such things, those involved revel in their own camaraderie and keep others out to retain this. Why do we get so threatened and why are we sometimes so reluctant to share our relationships? Some of us even need to pursue an air of superiority to feel comfortable, and keeping others  slightly excluded can sometimes achieve this.

How we need to emulate the One we follow and get rid of these tendencies (1 Corinthians 1: 10-11) He too had to contend with his best friends trying to keep away from Him those they considered inappropriate or a nuisance; and then they were vying with each other for a place at His right hand side! As I continue on this journey of life and faith may I be more aware of the marginalised and more inclusive whenever I see an opportunity!


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