Winchelsea … where’s that?

Brede Valley View Brede Valley view

The above comment was more often than not made to me prior to our break away to this lovely part of the country a couple of weeks ago. People got confused with Winchester, but it’s actually in Rye Bay which we discovered in July, just a mile and a half from Rye Harbour. We actually stayed in Winchelsea Beach to be exact, which is a short distance from Winchelsea itself. We had a lovely week and I thought I’d share some of the pictures we took.

Mermaid Street (2) Mermaid Street, Rye

The above is the most famous street in Rye, it is actually a steep cobbled lane, the creeper covered building on the right is the Mermaid Inn, haunt of smugglers and pirates, rebuilt in the 1420s, so quite ancient!

St. Richard's Church Winchelsea Beach St. Richard’s Church

This little Anglican Church was located just across the road from where we stayed and on a direct route to the beach. It advertised services on an occasional basis on Sunday afternoons. 

Photo-0299 Alice enjoys the beach


Photo-0298 Sunset over Winchelsea                                                                                                                  

Photo-0297 Evening on the beach


Photo-0303 More cobbles

Another view from Rye. It is a charming little town, heaven for tea room lovers like me! and also full of galleries, antique and gift shops. Hubby bought a pair of slippers in ‘Rye Shoes’!

Photo-0301 Morning …


Photo-0294 Duck friends 

There were a big extended family of the above who quacked their way around the holiday site all week, in the hope of kindly food donations.


St. Thomas Church Winchelsea St.Thomas Parish                                                                                                                      Church

Located in upper Winchelsea. We took it in turns to look inside as ‘no dogs’ (as another couple were doing). We also spotted Spike Milligan’s grave in the churchyard. 

 And finally …


Just had to stop the car and take this photograph!! It’s located near another little settlement known as Winchelsea Station.


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