June Holiday


Haven’t blogged for a while, and am in the middle of packing for our move next week, so am posting a glimpse of our recent holiday, which will get me back in the swing of things, while absolving me of supplying a huge word count! 😉


We stayed at Swalecliffe, Whitstable and a short walk along the sea front from Tankerton, a lovely spot with beach huts, cafes and a genteel olde worlde feel. It’s also the location of a colleague’s daughter’s wedding last year, they hired a house on the front there and had a BBQ on the beach!


Of course Alice came with us and had a rare old time making new friends of the furry and human variety.


Visited Canterbury which was a first for us both, but I did find it rather overly tourist-y. That said, we enjoyed the shops and eating out and the cathedral was magnificent (no sign of the Archbish though!)


I’m rather missing Tankerton and it’s beach huts at the moment, although we will soon be living adjacent to the Holy Brook in Reading, plus I have booked for the seaside again this September, so plenty of waterside views to come!




Such jazzy beach huts, many of which were painted in vibrant, welcoming colours and brightened up our morning walks. I rather liked this art deco one!


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