Home and family … some thoughts


This did not start out as a blog post initially, I was asked to share some written thoughts on this topic recently by someone at church, so decided to include them here too.

Few words can be more evocative than family or home, they can both conjure up strong memories and emotions in all of us. We are all part of a human family, both in the sense that we all belong to the vast family of humanity, plus in a more personal sense we are all descendants of a particular set of people. In recent years there has been a huge interest for many people in tracing their family tree and finding out where they came from. Popular culture endorses this by for example,  programmes such as Who do you think you are? There is great fascination in discovering our ancestors and if we are lucky enough, encountering the real people behind the old photographs in the family album, through the personal stories passed on by older relatives. How amazing to find out that the curly hair came from this Aunty or that a several times Great Grandfather came originally to this country from France.

We are mostly all part of a family currently, whether close geographically or not. Not all families are harmonious, some are estranged, others have their ups and downs but are devoted to one another. There are families formed by adoption, both official and otherwise. We can all remember where we grew up and for some the place will always seem special, there are also fond memories of holidays, weddings, graduations and of babies being born. These events connect us throughout life.

God invented family and in His word there are countless references to home and the family unit. God is Himself part of the divine family of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, all inter related yet unique and distinct in each Person. When we become a follower of Jesus we join God’s family, one that transcends all barriers of race, language, education, social standing or geography. It’s the only family where not only are we a member for life, but for eternity. As in all families we will need patience, and the ability to forgive, show empathy and understanding, but we have the unique reward of fellowship with each other and the ability to pray and worship together which are so precious.  Jesus also says He has made a home for us in His Father’s house and one day all who know and love Him will be welcomed there.

With such a sense of belonging and eternal security, for me that’s the best family of all to belong to!

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