It’s the little things …


One of several tiny visitors to our house this summer, and although sat on a soap box, he didn’t say much! We both (husband and I) enjoy the quirky, the unexpected and the unusual especially involving the animal kingdom. Even the sea gull family on holiday, eye balling us from the next door caravan roof whenever we looked out, we came to enjoy their antics and faithful attendance, even if they did screech a lot. I think it’s nice to notice the small things that can drop into our day, particularly the unexpected. I see it as like small graces from God that bring a new appreciation of life around us. Gifts from God that don’t cost us anything, don’t involve any stress, they just impact us with a strong sense of well being in my experience.


Whether it’s meeting with friends or family for cream teas and lunches, the gorgeous flowers at my Retreat centre, a picture drawn for me by my 6 year old nephew, or generous words spoken which lift my heart, I find there are many lovely occasions in the day when I feel I have received a gift. Not long ago at church, a blind gentleman visited with his gorgeous guide dog. She sat beautifully in church and when it became time for communion, accompanied her master to the communion rail and sat patiently beside him. I found this so touching.

So today I’m thanking God as He is the great giver and He knows just what will delight me, make me laugh and uplift me and these are the little things.


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