Making a start …

So why blogging and why now? Have been asking myself this over the past couple of days as the inclination to begin this blog has risen in me. To be completely  honest, I first registered with  WordPress two years ago, but wasn’t sufficiently motivated, (or should that say brave!) Anyway, three titles, several themes and a couple of headers later, have decided to take the plunge. First of all I enjoy  expressing myself through the written word and journal most days, have also kept a diary on and off since I was 15, handwritten and later on the PC. I also enjoy the concept of social networking, especially when it brings me into touch with like-minded people I would otherwise never meet. There is also the fascinating side of blogging that lets you into the thoughts and feelings of other people which may be rarely expressed otherwise. This can sometimes be a huge source of encouragement when you realise someone else has been or is currently where you are.

Am typing this on a humidly hot day having just enjoyed a lovely holiday in Rye Harbour (of which more in a further post). My job beckons again tomorrow  and the ironing mountain refuses to take no for an answer. This was our second break away this summer and was greatly enjoyed. Such interludes serve to lift us up above the mundanity of everyday life, and prevent routine from becoming  burdensome. I do feel refreshed and ready to tackle a customary Monday morning in the NHS tomorrow. I also had a wonderful retreat weekend recently with a group of ladies in Hampshire which enabled me to move forward from some unhelpful ‘stuff’ in my life. I do think it’s important to be kind to yourself and to remember we are holistic beings and as such we need to nourish all parts of ourselves including the spiritual.





6 thoughts on “Making a start …

  1. Well, what a great start! 😀 It all looks lovely. Particularly like the background ‘paper’.

    Lovely first post [so much more encouraging than the ‘Last Post’ 😉 ], good to see you and the beloved ‘A’ on your About Me page. You should be chuffed.

    I’m so looking forward to reading more of the same.


    Sharon xx


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